Vacation- the best solution to all the stress that life throws at you. This is one of those things in life that justifies walking away from everything. And what better place to go away to, to calm your mind and soul, than Chikmagalur?

Located on the slopes of Chandra Drona Parvata more popularly known as the Bababudan Giri Range, Kuteera Homestay in Chikmagalur is a nature lover's paradise. We offer a unique experience of luxurious and cozy wooden cottage situated amidst serene coffee estates and overlooking the Mullayan Giri range (the tallest peak of Karnataka).

The place is suited to all types of vacationers, be it the solitary wanderlust looking for peace and calm, or the married couple that needs their much needed, and deservedly so, trip that they alone, as a couple, can take to enjoy amidst the absolute greenery that nature here provides, or that small group of friends or family that needs to get away from the concrete world they live in and have fun as a whole by exploring the trekking paths in the wilderness; any type of traveler can find their destination here.

At Kuteera, you wake up to the songs and tunes of lesser known species of birds amidst the deafening tranquil silence of the valley, the roar of the Dabdabbe water falls, or the whistle of the strong winds blowing across the mountain ranges. These locations are guaranteed to bring out the calm in you and help you ponder over the beauty of nature while relaxing amidst greenery that can provide relief in its truest sense to your soul.

Kuteera is one of its kind- pure vegetarian, luxury homestay, offering 2 cozy wooden cottages, CHITRAKOOTA and PANCHAVATI. Tents can be made available for the adventurous folks who would like to sleep in the open starry night gazing at the boundless space in the sky above. Nights under the full moon will be spell binding and is better experienced than described.

Offering a pragmatic resort like experience amidst pristine nature, Kuteera is ideal for

  • 1. Small groups planning to unwind with friends and relatives
  • 2. Family get-togethers away from home
  • 3. Couples and small families planning to celebrate birthdays / anniversaries

At Kuteera we offer flavors of exquisite home cooked, Karnataka style, pure vegetarian food, taking our guest's preferences and customizing the menu to suit their tastes and interests. A guaranteed feast for the taste buds too!

With cool and bright summers, misty and murky monsoons, cold and windy winters, hypnotic serenity, mesmerizing dawns & dusks, perennial enchanting water bodies and twists & turns for those who live to drive, Kuteera is a free style holiday destination for all seasons and ages. Visit us for a memorable vacation and be ENGROSSED IN THE ARMS OF NATURE!